Startup Kitchen

A boutique hotel by Preseed Ecell

Startups that were not born at Preseed labs and yet want to partner with Preseed are baked here if :

1. Sk feels that the startups/ideas have really moved some solid steps forward towards sincerity, stability and scale, and hence, ultimately the Startup Kitchen from merely being in SK pipeline below.
2. The startups are fully aware and in acceptance of what it means to be supported by Sk. (If not, read the surrounding links very well).
3. A final deal between that startup and Sk Ventures Pvt. Ltd is achieved.

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Preseed startups:


In The Kitchen

Code Integration

Rural health care technology for the government, corporates and NGOs.

Rural health care technology for the government, corporates and NGOs. Code Integration

Math Ed Labs

Career at startup Kitchen


Our primary and major focus lies in filtering the startups with founders who have the ability to preserve and hustle to build and drive their startup. If you are an expert in your domain and willing to nurture them and give them the cover-fire/advice/mentorship to transform their wonderful ideas into products,apply


In Startup Kitchen we will have one manager per cluster of startups. So in essence you have to manage a portfolio and build a network of mentors suitable for that portfolio from the day you join. Your job is essentially going to be about finding the inspired team of mentors/advisors - managing/ leading them to deliver. If you have led/managed a startup/project at the C level and want to be part of a counterculture that is set to disrupt the start-up world,apply


Look into what we have built and continue to build deeply. If you like the potential we have, trust us to build some great companies and save your time from evaluating each opportunity. Do a deal with us for our next 5 startups. You can mail your proposition to us on

To apply, submit you slide deck to Please ensure you have read this prior to applying.

"If you can't explain it simply, then you don't know it well enough."
— Albert Einstein


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